Just When I Think Things Are Hopeless..

Do you ever wonder about your marriage or relationship, and if it was a good idea? Do you ever think " My God, I'm just such a burden on my partner, and their life would be so much easier without me around." Do you you ever just feel so worthless and crappy and like you... Continue Reading →


Cleaning is my Calm.

Most people dread the mundane task of cleaning their homes, some even so much so that they hire other people to do it for them. That just totally blows my mind. ¬†Whenever I'm stressed out or in a mood where I'm not okay I clean. I clean and clean and clean. I clean until my... Continue Reading →

My Breaking Point & How I am Dealing.

I am one of those people who are always stressed out - probably because of all the crap I've been through and how I'm trying to work my way through it all. ¬†It's always been mostly the same stuff like family, friends, toxic relationships, self-esteem problems, growing up surrounded by abuse and neglect, you know... Continue Reading →

Introducing this hot mess..

So, this is like a diary of my life only it's open to the public eye. It tells all my dirty little secrets, and big ones, It tells my accomplishments and my failures, It tells about my f***ed up childhood and relationships. It tells about how I'm doing my damnedest to undue all of the... Continue Reading →

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