My blog is about my struggles with mental health, abuse, neglect, just a really hard life. I want to help as many people as possible by sharing my story and giving people hope that no matter how bad it gets, there is always hope. No matter how miserable you may be, never give up because it is not a bad life, it is only a bad time. Someone very wise said that to me and I look up to them for their optimism in hard times and determination to be happy and at peace with themselves. This is my journey to do the same and to end up in a peaceful place where I can freely love myself and accept love from those around me without questioning why.  This is my way to help, to reach as many people as possible, to lend a compassionate shoulder to cry on, as long as It’s not still wet from me crying. I need to make a difference and this is something I am so passionate about because I am living it.


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