Chaos to Zen in 10 Steps

Lately my life has been the most chaotic and stressful it has ever been. I have been yearning to run away and hide and to jump into different skin because mine has become so uncomfortable. I have become someone I don’t recognize or particularly like. I am turning into an invisible nobody and doing so on purpose because of all the pain I am constantly in. My life has become too much to bear and I and ended up in a psychiatric hospital voluntarily begging someone to make the pain stop because I couldn’t and I knew how I was feeling was dangerous and not something I wanted my precious children to witness. I was only there a couple of days because I am not crazy, I am depressed and there are things that I can do to fix that from home, but I had quit trying because that’s what depression does to you. It sucks all of your motivation and self worth out of you and leaves you empty and alone and feeling like a complete failure.  There is nowhere to run or hide to escape it and no way to turn it off.  If you are lucky there are fleeting moments of happiness or at least an absence of misery, but not all of us are that lucky. Just when things literally couldn’t get any worse, my kitty went missing and he isn’t just a kitty. He’s one of the neatest animals I have ever met and a soul that is all about healing.  Turns out one of the screens had a hole in it in my upstairs bedroom and we had opened the windows because it’s fall and smells crisp outside and feels cool but not too cool. After two or three days I got this overwhelming feeling that he wasn’t coming home and that he had passed on. I couldn’t explain it and I didn’t want to believe it, however it was confirmed yesterday. He was found in our backyard and he had been gone for a few days.  This depression found a way to get worse even though I know it couldn’t.

So, now it’s up to me to decide how I want to handle all of it and if I want to drown in misery or try as hard as I can to overcome it and dig as deep as I can for the happiness I pray to god is there somewhere. I need to get to a place of complete zen and I have been there before. So, here are my 10 tips to zen living that even I am going to start following.

  1. Let it all go
  2. Find happiness where you wouldn’t expect to
  3. do yoga daily
  4. meditate as often as necessary
  5. exercise daily
  6. journal daily
  7. eat healthy
  8. drink lots of water
  9. live simply
  10. surround yourself with people/animals that bring you joy

1. Let it all go –  all of the negative things in life, just let them roll off your shoulders. Do not let negative thoughts linger in your mind because they bring you nothing but negative energy.  Nothing negative can have a positive impact on you or lingering onto it.

2. Find happiness where you wouldn’t expect to –  This one may be a little bit harder for those of us who are in to depression as deep as I am, but you have to really look for happiness and do things outside of your comfort zone to try to achieve it.

3. do yoga daily – yoga is one thing I have found that really makes all the difference in my daily life. The breathing mixed with the poses does something for me that I can’t get anywhere else. It has definitely helped me more than most things.

4. meditate as often as necessary – meditation is an amazing way to clear the mind and get rid of all trash up there and start fresh with no negativity.

5. Exercise daily –  I have never been one for exercising, but let me tell you how much of a difference this one step has made in my life. We all know exercise literally fights depression but it’s so hard to even thing about exercising when you’re depressed. It’s beyond exhausting, and seems so pointless. I started with yoga once a day then twice and finally three times daily, then I started adding in one short workout regimen in the morning after my morning yoga and then started turning that into a short run on the treadmill.  It has also helped me to lose some weight that I have had such a hard time getting rid of.

6. Journal daily –  Getting your thoughts out and on paper as often as you need to throughout the day really helps process through tough times and keep that negativity away.

7. Eat Healthy –  What you put in your body makes a huge difference in how you feel, and although you may crave carbs and junk what you need is water, veggies, and fruits. It really helps you feel better.

8. Drink lots of water –  hydration is key to feeling good physically.

9. Live Simply –  Living in clutter and chaos creates clutter and chaos inside your mind and your soul. It’s an odd phenomenon but it’s definitely real.  Declutter your home and organize your things and you really will feel better. I’m going to start working on feng shui.

10. Surround yourself with people/animals that bring you joy –  Anything you can do to feel good inside is a must.  Certain people and/or pets will bring you more than others so stick close to those specific ones.

One of these days, I won’t be sad anymore but I will have practiced these habits long enough that they will still be a part of my daily life and they will hopefully keep me happy for a long time to come.



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